Interactive Brokers Group

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc has grown to become one of the premier securities trading firms with over $4 billion in equity capital invested for private clients as well as institutional investors.

Interactive Brokers conducts broker/dealer and proprietary trading business worldwide providing direct access online trade execution and clearing services to institutional and professional traders for a wide variety of electronically traded products including stocks and shares, derivatives - options, futures, forex, CFD's as well as bonds and funds. Interactive Brokers engages in market making for its own account in about 6,500 different electronically traded products. Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliate groups execute over a million trades per day.

Interactive Brokers headquarters are in Greenwich Connecticut. It has offices in the USA, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Hungary, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong and Estonia. Interactive Brokers is regulated by the NYSE, SFA, SEC, FINRA and other regulatory agencies around the world.


Client s of Interactive Brokers Group's find a cost and speed of tranaction benefit from direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 70 market destinations worldwide, best price execution, ultra low commissions, high interest earned and low financing costs. Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliates hold $4 billion in equity capital.

Interactive Brokers Options provides specialized derivatives trading tools, high-powered portfolio analytics, ultra low commissions and IB SmartRouting with AutorecoverySM. Voice brokered options quotes and executions are now available. For order sizes of one hundred contracts or greater, Interactive Brokers Group Option Trading Desk can provide quotes prior to exposing orders to the market.

Interactive Brokers Futures & Future Options trading platform offers very low commissions and ability to trade multiple products on market centers around the world all from a single screen. The Interactive Brokers Commodities trading platform offers direct market access to global commodity futures and futures options in multiple currencies, all from a single IB Universal AccountSM.


Interactive Brokers trade Stocks & Exchange Traded Funds - ETFs with direct access to market centers around the world with Trader Workstation (TWS). The accound holder may use the TWS BookTrader for single-click order transmission from trade baskets, ETFs, combinations and spreads using specialized trading modules direct to the market maker.

Interactive Brokers Group provide fundamental and price/risk analytics tools and allow account holder to choose from over 40 order types to address any trading strategy. Account holder get access also to Group's dynamic IB SmartRouting algorithm, which continually seeks price improvement at lower trading costs, realized through ultra low commissions, lower margin financing costs and higher interest paid on balances.

FXTrader : Interactive Brokers Group online trading platform supports forex traded and allows multiple large forex deals. In addition, IBís FXTrader is specifically designed for Forex traders and completely customizable.

VWAPs : To assist customers in reducing price execution risk for large block trades, interactive brokers group provide support for guaranteed Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP).
An Exchange for Physical (EFP) allows the swap of a long or short stock position for a Single Stock Future, which has an interest rate built into its price that is determined competitively by numerous market participants. Interactive Brokers will advice how EFPs can provide an economical and efficient financing vehicle.

Spread & Combo Trading : IB independently routes US stock, option and futures spread order legs to the best possible trading center seeking price improvement, with IB undertaking the risk of partially executed orders. In addition, ComboTrader allows customers to choose from a selection of predefined combinations or to create any generic combination of unlimited legs.

Interactive Brokers offers US corporate and government bonds available for trading from the NYSE Arca Bonds, ValueBond, and IBís sister market-making affiliate, Timber Hill, LLC. As a service to interactive brokers group's Individual and Advisor customers, Interactive Brokers provides a selection of no-load MutualFunds. To provide price improvement on large volume and block orders, IB now includes 'dark pools' in its SmartRouting logic.

Interactive Brokers provides access to new issues, new company flotations, IPOs and secondary offerings distributed by WR Hambrecht + Co through its electronic Dutch Auction system.

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