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Jarvis Investment Management, based down in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, are equally happy to provide discretionary stock broking services as they are execution-only stockbroking whilst still ensuring customer service availablity and personal mentoring, if required, on a daily basis. Jarvis have been building a reputation for flexibility and service among a significant number of private investors, corporate investors and also financial advisers. Making it easier for you to take control. Jarvis Investment Management support private investors who decide to go it alone but they will also act as a private fund manager or a discretionary adviser for those seeking stockbroking service with advice.

You may need a way to carry out your investment decisions with the minimum of administrative hassle. Jarvis claim to offer just that, by expertly providing the legal and administrative framework within which you can concentrate on what you do best - making your own stock market investment decisions.


Jarvis claim to offer a distinctive and personal service means you can dictate exactly how, when and where your funds are invested. Jarvis are Members of the London Stock Exchange, and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Jarvis are also an Inland Revenue approved ISA manager with their own shares traded on the AIM market.

For security above and beyond their own Professional Indemnity Insurance, every one of their clients is covered by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Investors Compensation Scheme. Control, security and service. Jarvis' clients wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jarvis self-select stocks and shares ISA are one of the most tax-efficient investments available, with returns free from Capital Gains Tax and dividends sheltered from higher rate tax. A self-select portfolio can comprise as many shares or funds investments as you wish and you may buy and sell holdings as often as you like.


The maximum that can be invested in a stocks and shares ISA each year is £7200 per person. Lump sum investments may be made at any time, as long as your annual limit is not exceeded. Subscriptions must be invested in one or more qualifying investments as permitted by the ISA regulations. The cut-off date for investing in an ISA is 5th April every year. Remember, if you dont invest your maximum allowance by then, you will lose your chance to do so for that year. Jarvis offer self select stocks and shares ISA accounts.

It's easy to transfer an existing shareholding into an ISA. These shares will be sold in the stockmarket and the proceeds used (up to the subscription limit) to repurchase shares for your ISA. Under certain circumstances, shares from Inland Revenue approved All Employee Share Option Schemes may be transferred into an ISA without incurring any dealing commissions (and free of liability to Capital Gains Tax on any profit).

Also note that only Full Market shares may normally be held in ISA. AIM and general small Caps do not qualify although these too may be held if the share is dual listed on overseas markets. Jarvis can advise on eligability of shares for your ISA.

Jarvis offer a range of cost-effective and flexible investment options for Self-Select ISAs, which offer low management costs and a great degree of flexibility. Your adviser can consider the investment choices in a Flexi ISA, whereas with the Signature ISA you have complete freedom to choose your own investment portfolios.

Signature ISA offer an unparalleled level of control and investment freedom. Now, you may tailor your ISA to fit your views on risk and potential. You may create the portfolio you want, when you want it, Signature ISA allows you to invest in any number of qualifying investments. Stocks and shares (including overseas markets), Unit Trusts / Open-ended investment companies (OEICs). Investment Trusts, Units and shares in collective investments of transferable securities (UCITS), Cash or Gilts

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