Lloyds Bank Share Dealing Account.

Open a Lloyds Share Dealing Account online to trade UK and international shares or over 3,000 funds either online, via a mobile app or over the phone.

Lloyds Share Dealing service provides an online trading account that enables you to choose and manage your own portfolio of shares, funds, ETF's, bonds and gilts quickly and easily with the help of extensive online tools and live backup.

Lloyds Share Dealing Account Costs

Lloyds charge an administration fee on the Share Dealing Account of 20 every six months. * Although this is waived if you also open Lloyds ISA Account. Dealing commission also applies for each trade that you make, as follows :

  • Investing online from 11 per deal.
  • Or frequent trader rate of 8 if you trade online 8 or more times per quarter.
  • Use Lloyds Research Centre to get up-to-date company news and market information.
  • You can also monitor investments and create charts and performance comparison tables.

* If you open a Lloyds Share Dealing ISA in addition to a Share Dealing Account Lloyds will waive the 40 per year administration charge for your online Share Dealing Account.

Lloyds Execution-only Share Dealing

Lloyds do not provide advice as part of the Lloyds online share dealing service. Lloyds recommend that you seek advice from a qualified financial adviser if you have any doubts. Discretionary share dealing services tailored to individual needs may be available from Lloyds Stockbrokers but they are not a part of the Lloyds online share dealing account and you are advised to enquire directly.

Lloyds Nominee Share Dealing

Lloyds Stockbrokers provide a typical online nominee share dealing service. This means that Lloyds hold share certificates on your behalf. Lloyds then provide adminstration of the online account, make all deductions for dealing and quarterly admin charges if applicable as well as deduction of taxes. Lloyds also advise of any applicable corp actions for any shares you hold in your account.

Lloyds Guide to Share Dealing ?

Lloyds also have put together a guide to investing intended to clarify some of the broader benefits and risks.

Lloyds also provide share dealing guides, funds supermarket and research centre offering up-to-date company and market information plus the latest news and views on the economy and markets.

To apply for a Share Dealing Account you must be aged 18 or older and also resident in the UK.

Lloyds Share Dealing ISA

If you have not already used up your personal ISA allowance,or invested in another Stocks and Shares ISA this tax year, you might want to consider opening a Lloyds Share Dealing ISA.

Lloyds Share Dealing ISA account sits within the Lloyds share dealing online account and affords all the benefits of the online share account whilst allowing savings and investments to grow free of capital gains tax as well as tax on dividends.

Note that the maximum that may be invested in any tax is subject to the prevailing limit, currently the annual ISA allowance is 15,240 in 2015/16.

Please note rates and charges and some details may have changed and we recommend that all details are checked at Lloyds Share Dealing Account site.

Share Dealing Account Charges

Real online share account costs. Questions to consider.

Dealing costs The actual cost of placing an individual buy/sell order. There is stamp duty also at the prevailing rate but only on buys. Allways check that cheap dealing offers dont have high admin charges.

Admin charges Normally charged quarterly. When calculating real cost look at number of deals likely per year and then add in this admin cost.

Transfer costs Check costs to transfer in and out shares, share certificates and other charges must also be considered when evaluating costs.

Online or telephone dealing Nearly all brokers now offer some form of Online dealing with telephone as optional back-up. Some Online systems have some human interface and others are 100% automated.

Holding share certificates Outside of accounts avoids admin charges. Ok if you are likely to be a long term share holder (years not months).

Broker support How much info can the broker offer you? Will he offer advice and recommendations or is his service completely without support.

Broker speciality Information Some will offer Real-time share prices, trades information, news and feedback direct from the trading floor, live market data.