Muriel Siebert & Co Inc, member of the New York Stock Exchange since 1967. Muriel Siebert founder, chairwoman and president, was the first woman ever to become a member of the Exchange. As far back as 1975, Siebert announced that Muriel Siebert & Co Inc would become a discount brokerage house.

Muriel Siebert & Co., Inc., has been actively involved in consolidation of the discount brokerage business in recent years. In the last thirty years, Siebert has purchased the retail discount brokerage of Bevill Bresler & Schulman, Inc, Parr Securities Corp, William O’Neill & Co and now owns Investors Business Daily, Andrew Peck Associates, Inc., a privately held brokerage firm serving high net worth investors plus formed merger - Peck, Siebert.

In 2002, the firm purchased certain Florida-based retail accounts of TradeStation Securities and State Discount Brokers which Siebert also purchsed certain assets of "Your Discount Broker" and acquired the retail brokerage accounts of Wall Street Discount Corp.


Muriel Siebert trade stock, bonds, mutual funds, derivatives - options and other securities by broker online trading - SiebertNet, via interactive voice and touch-tone phone or wireless device. Siebert direct your order for best execution price and quick trade execution. Siebert individually negotiate commission and margin interest rates based on activity and size of account also Muriel Siebert promote a college savings plan and save for your child's or grandchild's education - tax-free.

Dynamic Trader is a fully-customizable streaming desktop you can use to display multiple windows of real-time quotes and market data, including streaming positions, watchlists, indices, Nasdaq Level II quotes and more. Instant access to trading, order status, option chains, balances, history, account detail and SiebertNet's full range of research and analytic tools.

Through Siebert Capital Markets division, Siebert underwrites equity and debt and therefore participates in generation of new capital for corporations and distribution of new issues to the public. Details of IPO's and company flotations are therefore available to account holders.

Muriel Siebert Fixed Income Center, Bonds Government Grade Securities : Siebert's new issues and secondary fixed-income securities. Muni and Corporate Market bond screeners allow you to view investment grade securities, by state, maturity and other criteria.

Muriel Siebert Institutional Services Underwrite Institutional Equity Trading and Investment Banking services including Fixed Income and Secondary Market activities and the Siebert Entrepreneurial Philanthropic Plan.


Mutual Funds: Account holders may manage investments with Siebert FundExchange. Buy and sell over 15,000 of the most popular mutual funds through one consolidated Siebert account.

Muriel Siebert popular and informative newsletter, Dollars & Sense, contains timely comments by Muriel Siebert, their President and Chairwoman.

Muriel Siebert supplies a broad array of independent, third-party research and real-time news and research news alerts.

Touch-tone and IVR Trading: Orders may be placed and real-time quotes obtained via Brokerage Express, Siebert's touch-tone phone service featuring high voice accuracy. Access account information 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

Wireless Access - Mobile Phone trading: Muriel Siebert offer a choice of devices and systems to access account information, quotes and trading including BlackBerry devices, T-Mobile Sidekicktm, Handspring TREOtm, Pocket PC, Palm VII, web-enabled cell phone and more.

Phone : 800-872-0711.

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