* TD Direct Investing is owned by Interactive Investor and is licensed to use TD trade marks.
On 2 June 2017 Interactive Investor iii.co.uk share trading purchased TD Direct Investing (Europe) Limited. TD Direct Investing is now no longer affiliated with Toronto-Dominion Bank. The TD Direct Investing logo and name is used under licence by Interactive Investor Limited.

TD Trading Plus Account

TD Direct Investing offers investors the power to buy and sell shares online on world stock markets. The TD Direct Trading Plus Account has all the features of the standard account - share trading information online, portfolios and research market opportunities all via the TD Direct Investing online trading platform.

  • Diverse investment options
  • Trade without funding your account
  • With up to 20 days to settle UK trades online
  • Offers access to leading market information
  • and research tools 24/7
  • Trade from as little as £5.95. (Introductory rate).

In addition, the TD Trading Plus Account allows you to trade warrants and securitised derivatives including covered warrants, as well as trading UK and international equities including a wider range of investment trusts, bonds & gilts, worldwide unit trusts & OEICs and Exchange Traded Funds ETFs.

Charges are the same as TD Direct Investing Trading Account, as follows :

TD Direct Investing trading costs

Online trading charges - flat fee of 12.50, falls to 8.95 for frequent traders, [who trade at least 15 times in a previous 3 month period].

There is an Account Management fee of 10 plus VAT per quarter, but only on Trading Accounts that have not traded in the period and have a combined cash and stock valuation of less than 5,000.

TD Direct Investing Share Trading Account's offers both online and telephone dealing facilities. Shares are held and managed electronically through the stock brokers Nominee Service. Trades are automatically settled and funds credited to or debited from your account.

The Shares Trading Account allows trading in international equities on over 15 international exchanges and is in addition to standard trading in UK equities, unit trusts & OEICs, bonds & gilts, investment trusts and ETF's - Exchange Traded Funds.

To Open An Account ...

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