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uk stockmarket shares tip sheets, top share tipsters, penny shares investment publications, brokers recommendations

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How to use Shares Tip Sheets.

Not so much a course in Tip Sheets. More a warning and reminder. Read this carefully and understand what Tip Sheets could do for you.

Share Tipsters WILL TIP
in every issue IRRESPECTIVE OF MARKET CONDITIONS (and if they didnt you would want your money back) - but here's the rub. Only YOU can evaluate when and whether to buy shares. Only YOU can evaluate whether world events or market conditions or sector popularity makes a share a viable option or not.

So why use a Tip Sheet ?
Because generally speaking the tip sheet sources have access to greater depth of information than even the most well informed private investors. The content of tips has got to be factually accurate because the companies on our pages at least are fully regulated by the PIA (Personal Investment Authority) or SFA (Securities and Futures Authority). If the figures, points made or claims are inaccurate these Tip Sheets will be in trouble. Generally we find Tip Sheets to provide very well researched points.

Build up a database
You dont have to rush out to buy shares in any tipped companies. Remember, the Tip Sheets will allways tip. The share price may have further to fall and offer better value later. In any event use tipsheets as a database of information.

Identify the "In Vogue" Sectors
No point researching unpopular industries. Some may think Drugs, Oil and Chemicals, electronics and food retailers have greater future significance in the world than say mining, book publishers and television media. Each person must make their own evaluation of the in vogue sectors.

Research Companies
Believe it or not there are investors following companies like a football fan follows his team. Study your research subjects. Follow news releases. Find out who major shareholders are. Guess what, Private investors REALLY DO GO to the Annual General Meetings of companies that they hold shares in. AND WHY NOT. You hold the shares, you have every right to makes sure your company is being run THE WAY THAT WILL MAXIMISE potential for growth and your investment.

Build a Buying and Selling Strategy
We recommend buying at the bottom and selling at the top :O)
however appreciate that others have different ideas - like daytrading minor gains or stop lossing out, shorting with CFDs, spreads or traded options and all other possiblities. Of course, our comment is an over-simplification.

We run a check for members called UCM Research Note. This goes out every two weeks. The check is simply for shares which may have topped out or bottomed and is purely against a Technical Research Criteria. You can join the note and possibly consider this in your evaluation of buying and selling times. IN ANY EVENT develop Buying and Selling Strategies.

And a reminder. These things take years and years to perfect. The idea is to slowly create systems for selection and timing that will work for you with a reasonable level of success. Find a niche sector, spot potentially good companies. Really start to learn about those companies.

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