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Zecco Trading offer an online shares and traded options trading platform with free stock and options trades ! powerful tools and easy access customer service - plus a groundbreaking financial community. Zecco Trading were founded on July 4, 2006. Zecco Trading's offices are located in California and handle nearly 100,000 trading accounts with over 120 Zecco team representatives.

How do Zecco Trading make money? Zecco Trading lose money offering free stock trades. The cost of executing a trade has become very low due to online trading, however, once you have made 10 free stock trades for the month (or don't yet have $2,500 in account), Zecco Trading charge you $4.50 for each additional trade. For options trading, Zecco Trading charge $4.50 per leg and 50 per contract. If you choose to borrow margin and leverage your investments, Zecco Trading make money on interest. If you leave money hanging out in your cash account while you're deciding what to invest in, Zecco Trading make a little interest on that money. Some more advanced tools on Zecco Trading's site are not free. Zecco Trading provide them as a premium service to interested customers. Zecco Trading also make money by allowing other companies to advertise on their site.

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Zecco Trading has reconstructed options trading and stock trading online environment, making it easier than ever for customers to control their money. Need to sell stock or buy stock online, interested in penny stocks? With Zecco Trading, you get 10 free online stock trades each month with $2,500 or more.

The ZeccoShare Community is a great compliment to Zecco Trading. With ZeccoShare you can learn online about stock trading and get advice on stock trades and options trades from people who invest like you and who have similar risk tolerance. Within ZeccoShare community you are able to ask questions, contribute investing ideas, share your investment portfolio ideas, share your stock trades or options trades and your investing performance to help everyone learn to be a better investor.


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Zecco Trading are members of FINRA /SIPC.

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