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Liam Dann: Next Government must be ready for a market crash
New Zealand Herald
We must be sure to make the most of them. This election is important because it might be the last for a while in such stable times. If the bull market is still running in 2020 it will be Wall Street's longest. The odds of a dramatic correction also ...

07/22/2017 06:03 PM

Seeking Alpha

S&P 500 Weekly Update: Major Indices Add To Their Highs, The Secular Bull Market Continues
Seeking Alpha
The beat goes on with new market highs and investors still ponder the issues that continue to play in their minds. Where to invest if everything looks expensive, wondering aloud whether a significant sell-off is imminent. Many still question where we ...

07/22/2017 06:44 AM

Financial Times

No wonder this bull market is unstoppable
The Star Online
THERE'S a saying on Wall Street that markets tend to do the things that cause the most amount of pain for the greatest number of investors. That may be a bit of a cliché, but it's playing out in real time right now in the US stock market. Money ...
Central bank action propels bond market crash worriesFinancial Times

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07/22/2017 12:31 AM

Gold Seek

Prepare for a 30-year bull market
Gold Seek
This loss of enthusiasm is reflected in the long periods of dullness the market has experienced since March. While the bull market leg which began with the November election remains intact, the market has proceeded in a halting fashion and has ...

07/21/2017 09:18 PM


Structural bull market intact; like agro biz, speciality chemicals: HSBC Global AMC
It has been an interesting week for the market with the Nifty teasing investors and traders before scaling the 10,000 mount. The market in the week gone by consolidated and digested all the positive news and remained in a narrow range but managed to ...

07/21/2017 01:02 PM


Bull market trots along and stays calm. But for how long?
The broader stock market hasn't gone that long without a scare since the mid-1990s, when the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index ended a pullback-free streak of 394 days in July 1996, according to data from Boston-based LPL Financial. It's only the sixth ...

07/20/2017 09:46 PM