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Alaska Dispatch News

Mystery surrounds only oil well drilled in ANWR
Alaska Dispatch News
What's known about the refuge's oil potential is based on a two-dimensional seismic survey done in 1984 and 1985. A petroleum-industry consortium that did the fieldwork was hunting for a giant — another Prudhoe Bay, where more than 12 billion barrels ...

07/23/2017 01:23 AM

Does Colorado's oil and gas industry have too much power? (4 letters)
The Denver Post
The Denver Post found that the oil and gas industry has poured more than $80 million into Colorado in the last four years to shape public opinion and influence campaigns and ballot initiatives, creating a political force that has had broad implications ...

07/23/2017 12:01 AM


Haynesville, LA Making a Comeback in the Oil Industry
The oil industry is filled with fierce competitors, all vying to be the leading producer of shale oil. In Louisiana, the town of Haynesville is among those competitors, as it gradually climbs the ranks of shale oil producers in the nation. Being ...

07/22/2017 04:59 AM


Trump's America-First Pipeline Plan Draws Ire of Oil Industry
Hartford Courant
President Donald Trump's allies in the oil industry are warning that his bid to boost U.S. steelmakers could backfire against their efforts to achieve his goal of "American energy dominance." The intense lobbying effort comes as the Commerce Department ...
First pipeline plan draws ire of American oilMENAFN.COM

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07/21/2017 09:17 PM

Business Insider

Why millennials are snubbing jobs in the oil industry
Business Insider
Millennials continue to have the most negative opinion toward the oil industry compared to all other industries, and they don't see a career in oil and gas as their top choice of a workplace. The oil industry's talent scouting and recruiting methods of ...

07/21/2017 01:17 AM


“Dirty, Difficult, And Dangerous”: Why Millennials Won't Work In Oil
Like many industries today, the oil industry is trying to sell its many job opportunities to the fastest growing portion of the global workforce: Millennials. But unlike any other industry, oil and gas is facing more challenges in persuading the ...

07/20/2017 11:41 PM