Endowment policies - attached bonuses described. Revisionary bonuses, terminal bonues explained
Traded Endowments - bonuses attached explained. Revisionary bonuses, terminal bonues are explained

Life Assurance bonuses explained, what are revisionary bonuses ? endowment attached bonuses described, what are special bonuses, what are terminal bonuses, guaranteed sum and basic sum assured, life company bonuses, with profits endowment bonuses paid on maturity, annual with profits bonuses, what is basic sum assured ?

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what is basic sum assured ? what are revisionary bonuses ? endowment attached bonuses, what are terminal bonuses

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As TEPs are purchased mid-term the policy already has a guaranteed value made up of the 'Basic Sum Assured' and 'Bonuses Attached' and the initial charges have all been paid by the original policyholder.

The Basic Sum Assured remains constant throughout the term of the policy and is paid on maturity or earlier if the original life assured dies.

In addition bonuses are added to the policy every year and once added they cannot be reduced or taken away. The existing annual (or reversionary) bonuses together with the basic sum assured when the policy is purchased constitute the guaranteed value which is often higher than the purchase price of the TEP, meaning that, provided the policy is kept through to maturity, the new purchaser cannot suffer a financial loss. These attached bonuses are made up of the following.

Reversionary Bonuses:

These bonuses are declared annually as cash values computed as percentages of the basic sum assured and of bonuses declared in previous years. Once granted, these bonuses are guaranteed, cannot be withdrawn and are also known as attaching bonuses.

Special Bonuses:

These are one-off bonuses, granted at the discretion of the life company and are also guaranteed. For example, if a friendly society converts to a public company they may grant such special bonuses to each policy in force, instead of issuing free shares in the new company.

Terminal Bonuses:

Most life companies currently grant an additional bonus at the end of the life of a policy. In essence this is a loyalty bonus designed to encourage the policy holders to keep the policies in force until the maturity date. The size of the terminal bonus is dependent upon the investment conditions prevailing at the time of maturity, as well as upon the investment performance of the life company. Although it can be a large part of the final sum paid out, it is not guaranteed. Bonuses issued by any life company are dependent upon its financial strength which, in turn, relies heavily on its investment performance. It is in the interests of the life companies to even out the vagaries of the investment environment, by declaring bonuses which are reasonably consistent. However, bonuses may be increased or decreased from year to year, thereby affecting the final value of the underlying policy.

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