Selling endowments early life policy cash-in value endowment policy teps trading redeeming an endowment sell to tep broker early cash-in value of endowment policies
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Selling endowments early life policy cash-in value endowment policy teps trading redeeming an endowment sell to tep broker early cash-in value of endowment policies life assurance quotations qualifying life policy surrender tep,s advice endowment deals surrendering with-profits life insurance policies redeption of life policy

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Your policy may be tradable if it is in the following list.

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Endowment Selling

If your With Profits Endowments Policy is no longer wanted, think before surrendering it back to the life company.

Surrenda-link are the leading buyer of "with profits" endowment policies. If you provide the details of your policy to them they can determine if they are able to make you an offer, will write to you direct.

On many policies you can achieve an offer significantly above the surrender value. Surrenda-link are usually able to make an offer on endowment policies that are traditional with profits endowment policies, at least six years old and with a minimum surrender value of £5000.

Why do people surrender or sell with-profit policies?

The reasons are varied but are usually attributed to a change in circumstances such as redundancy, divorce or a change in mortgage arrangements. In normal circumstances, it is best to continue with a with-profit endowment to maturity, but for various reasons this often does not happen. It is important for anybody thinking about encashing a policy to consider all options. These are:

tepmarkets online direct to endowments market makers

  • Surrendering endowment policy direct to the issuing life office.
  • Borrowing against the policy, either from the issuing life office or from a bank using the policy as security.
  • Making the endowment policy 'paid up' which means no further premiums are payable on the policy, but reduced benefits will be received on death or maturity.
  • Auctioning the policy. Selling endowment policy on the second-hand tep's market.
Policyholders should also remember that if they surrender or sell their endowment policy they will lose the benefit of the life assurance protection, and if their policy is with a mutual life office which subsequently demutualises they would lose the potential of any windfall payments. However if you have considered these alternatives and have decided to encash your with profit policy then esp should be able to help you get the best price.

The Teps Market

Every year approximately £90 million is lost by people who surrender endowment policies back to the life companies. Most people are not aware that there is a thriving second-hand market in endowment policies and a large number of market makers eager to purchase unwanted with-profit policies to sell on to individual investors or specialist investment funds.

TEP Market makers are often prepared to pay a substantially higher price for these policies than the insurance companies endowment surrender values. Somewhat surprisingly however, there can be a large variation in the offers made by the various market makers and therefore people who have made the right decision to sell rather than surrender, may not ultimately achieve the best price unless they make use of a service like ours.

Using a Tep Broker

By submitting basic information on your policy, brokers are able to consider offers and quotations which may and almost certainly will be better than the surrender value of with profits policies.

Surrenda-link liase with market makers to identify the best possible price for policies. With their knowledge of the individual market makers and requirements, they can usually negotiate substantially higher cash offers than an individual going it alone. It is quite usual for brokers to achieve sale prices above the insurance company surrender valuations and sometimes on certain policies, may obtain significantly more the surrender value.

Surrenda-link provide an execution-only service for clients who have already made the decision to encash their with-profit policies, meaning that we will not offer advice or exercise any judgement on the merit of any policy sale.

If you wish to receive independent advice regarding the alternatives then please contact an independent financial adviser.

How to contact Surrenda-link

Surrenda-link will research the market and provide a quotation for your with-profit policy, complete one the enquiry forms and click the send button.

Check the following list to see if your policy will be of interest to the TEP market makers.

  • Is issued by an established life insurance company ?
  • Is a traditional with profits endowment or with profits whole of life policy ?
  • Has run for at least six years ?
  • Has it an endowment surrender value of at least £5000 ?
  • Then Surrenda-link should be able to quote for your policy.
The service is Confidential Free without obligation. Remember that if you want a quote you will need to find the policy documents at some point. You will be better off finding those documents and filling out medium or extended form which sets out exactly what are required and avoids numerous iterations by telephone and post.  
Phone buying a second hand endowment policy Surrenda-link 0800 919021
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