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cashing in life policies - trading endowments with TEP market makers for old endowment policies

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Life Assurance companies offer poor returns for endowment policies redeemed early. A market has evolved in which brokers offer a better deal in a resale market for endowment policies. These are Traded Endowment Policies or TEP's - with improvements often better than the surrender value !

Dont just Surrender life policy values !

Traded Endowment Brokers offer improved bids for old endowment life policies. Those wishing to cash in endowments early can get alternative quotes from life policy brokers. Endowment surrender values can normally be improved.

There exists a market for second hand life insurance policies in which brokers find best deals from purchasing market makers. If you need to sell endowment before the policy maturity date you will almost certainly get improved offers from TEP brokers.

Check our pages for information on the TEP market and cashing in endowments. Fill in all details online via our pages or simply submit your phone number to get assistance from one of the countries leading TEP brokers.

Remember that if you want a quote you will need to find the policy documents. the most convenient solution is to fill out the FULL FORM which sets out exactly what is required and avoids numerous iterations by telephone and post >.

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